Rail Connectivity

Railway connectivity has been established connecting the port to the main broad gauge national network of "Chennai-Visakhapatnam-Howrah" rail corridor. The Port has its own independent "Railway Sidings" with main salient features as follows

  • R&D yard with seven sidings for receipt and dispatch of rakes (Coal-3; Iron Ore-2; Other bulk-1; Bagged.
  • Dedicated Coal and Iron Ore sidings for mechanized loading and unloading operations
  • Three in-motion weighbridges for weighment of rakes
  • Two locomotives for shunting of rakes within the railway siding

Road Connectivity

Road connectivity to the port has been provided by a 4 lane expressway of 3.8 kms connecting the port with the National Highway No.5 (Chennai - Kolkata)

  • Three weighbridges for weighment of trucks

Inland Shipping

  • Cargo unloading from larger vessels and loading into smaller vessels for coastal shipping.
  • Cargo unloading from smaller vessels and loading into bigger vessels to save ocean freight for exports.