Support Services

Port Reception Facilities

  • Facility is available 24 X 7.
  • Contact Details :
  •        Gangavaram Port Control

           Tel: 08912889987

           Mob: +919000234479


  • Applicable Charges (excluding taxes) for ship generated wastes:
  •        •Waste Oil / Used Oil        - USD 5/- per MT of waste oil / used oil discharged.

           •Garbage         - USD 250/- per trip (volume not exceeding 10 CuM).

           •Sewage        - USD 100/- per CuM

List of approved waste disposal contractors
  • Feedback : Email may be sent on email id ""

Customs Office

  • The Customs Office works on 24X7 basis.

Fire Department

  • The Port has fully staffed Fire Department with Fire Tender.

Safety Wing

  • Provides necessary training on safety aspects.
  • Conducts site inspections and mock drills to ensure that all the staff members follow safety guidelines
  • Creates awareness among various stakeholders at the Port.


  • The Port is having security department with more than 250 security staff
  • Established round the Clock CCTV coverage of all the critical points, to ensure security of the Port and safety of the cargo
  • Zero cargo pilferage
  • Live Video streaming to clients

Medical Facilities

  • The Port is having a Dispensary within its premises, staffed with a qualified Medical Officer.

Communication Centre for Seafarers

The Port also has a round the clock Communication Centre for Seafarers, with telephone & internet access.